In my first session with Anna, I told her I had depression and anxiety and that I needed therapy and medication for it. She asked me what I had anxiety and depression about, and as simple as the question sounds, I had never been asked that. I had been in therapy for five years already, and I could not answer that question. Anna made me think harder and differently than any therapist ever has and for the first time, I’ve seen real progress in myself. She often asked me what feeling I felt and that can be hard to figure out. Is it anger, embarrassment, guilt, etc. But figuring out what my feelings were helped me to figure out why I feel anxiety and depression. Making these steps without medication has made me very hopeful that in the years to come, my mental health will progress so much more, as it already has in the last six months. Working with Anna has been a life changing experience and I would recommend her to anyone, especially those who are hesitant about therapy and medication.

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