It was my first ever online (via skype) counseling session. I was a little anxious and apprehensive at first where to start and how to proceed, but Anna was very calm, supportive and professional, so it was no problem at all for me to open up and start talking from my heart. I felt being listened to and unrestricted in what I can say. She also made it very clear that any information I provided during our conversation will remain totally private and the rules of confidentiality are her highest priority. In quiet a short period of time I was able to look at the events that bothered me from a distant perspective. She helped me to prioritize among my problems and make decisions easier. It’s very important to establish trust and honest connection with the counselor from the very start, feel being listened to and heard. And that’s exactly how I felt. At the same time, I also came to conclusion that it’s important to know that counselor is just a mediator to help you make your own conclusions, not one’s advisor.

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